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Stratford Union Workhouse

Stratford-upon-Avon Union Workhouse: Admissions and Discharges 1884-1895;1903-1906

After the passing of the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834, groups of parishes were combined into Unions and each provided a workhouse for its district. The Stratford Union Workhouse was situated in Arden Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. The parishes in the Stratford Union were Alderminster, Alveston, Atherstone-on-Stour, Bearley, Beaudesert, Billesley, Binton, Charlecote, Claverdon, Clifford Chambers, Combroke, Compton Verney, Dorsington, Ettington, Fulbrooke, Grafton, Hampton Lucy, Kineton, Langley, Loxley, Luddington & Dodwell, Marston Sicca, Moreton Morrell, Newbold Pacey, Old Stratford, Preston Bagot, Preston-on-Stour, Snitterfield, Stratford upon Avon, Welford including Bickmarch, Wellesbourne Hastings, Wellesbourne Mountford, Weston-on-Avon including Milcote, Whitchurch, Wolverton and Wootton Waven including hamlets Henley-in-Arden & Ullenhall.

The earliest surviving records to list inmates of this Workhouse date from 1884 and give details of their names, parish of origin, ages and occupations, together with dates of admission(s) and discharge (DR324/3/25, DR324/3/1). These have been entered on the database up to 1906 and can be searched by name, year of birth, parish and dates(s) of admission.

Surname Forename Year Born Parish Occupation Admitted  
Bishop Frederick 1896 Bearley None 23/01/1903 More
Bishop Ernest 1897 Bearley None 23/01/1903 More
Woodward Charles 1837 Wootton Wawen Labourer 23/01/1903 More
Fisher Mary 1886 Welford on Avon Domestic Servant 26/01/1903 More
Parker Sarah Ann 1883 Old Stratford Domestic Servant 28/01/1903 More
Williams Reginald B 1879 Old Stratford Clerk 02/02/1903 More
Chapman Sydney 1882 Old Stratford Labourer 04/02/1903 More
Reading Ellen 1857 Stratford-upon-Avon None 04/02/1903 More
Beesley Charles 1873 Old Stratford Labourer 18/02/1903 More
Brain Mary 1834 Stratford-upon-Avon None 19/02/1903 More
Cripps George 1868 Old Stratford Labourer 25/02/1903 More
Cook Joseph 1876 Old Stratford Labourer 27/02/1903 More
Adams Clara 1859 Old Stratford None 02/03/1903 More
Adams Bridget 1895 Old Stratford None 02/03/1903 More
Adams Elsie 1897 Old Stratford None 02/03/1903 More
Adams Elizabeth 1901 Old Stratford None 02/03/1903 More
Beesley Gertrude 1891 None 06/03/1903 More
Bettridge Levi 1826 Grafton Labourer 07/03/1903 More
Cloves Edward 1839 Old Stratford Carpenter 07/03/1903 More
Brightmore William 1857 Old Stratford Book Binder 12/03/1903 More
Rouse George 1881 Old Stratford Labourer 12/03/1903 More
Yeomans Elizabeth 1820 Alveston None 13/03/1903 More
Dyde John 1854 Old Stratford Labourer 13/03/1903 More
Bates Ann 1847 Kineton None 14/03/1903 More
Hodgkins Richard John 1842 Old Stratford Labourer 14/03/1903 More
Hayes Mary 1853 Old Stratford Charwoman 15/03/1903 More
Collins Thomas 1860 Old Stratford Farm Labourer 18/03/1903 More
Cooper Thomas 1842 Old Stratford Labourer 19/03/1903 More
Green John 1869 Old Stratford Labourer 19/03/1903 More
Parker Ellen 1903 Old Stratford None 20/03/1903 More
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