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Police Charge Books

From 1836 until 1889, when it was absorbed into the Warwickshire County Force, the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation maintained its own police force. Its surviving records are catalogued as part of the Corporation Archives under the reference BRR67. Two of the surviving volumes (BRR67/4-5) are charge books covering the years 1863-1880, recording the details of those arrested in the town, what crimes and misdemeanours they were charged with, and how the cases were dealt with. These details have all been entered on this database, which can be searched by person, crime, age, gender and date. The Stratford police force only patrolled within the limits of the original borough boundary. Thus not only were the hamlets of Bishopton and Shottery excluded from their jurisdiction but also much of Old Town and the housing developments lying to the north of Guild Street.

NB Names in this database are in the format 'Forename Surname' and a picklist will appear as you type, based on the beginning of the forename. A search can be made by typing the surname only, BUT NO picklist will appear.

Charge Person Charging (Name) Age Address (Town) Occupation Year Person Charged  
Absent from Work Mr J Walker 19 Stratford upon Avon Cabinet Maker 1863 Edward Courtenay More
Assault Mr Thomas Dawkes 37 Coventry 1863 Joseph Hodgkins More
Drunk / Assault Sergt Cross 41 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1863 William Wilkins More
Drunk Sergt Cross 39 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1863 George Clarke More
Drunk PC Brain 45 Alveston Carpenter 1863 Thomas Baker More
Stealing Mr William Francis 17 Stratford upon Avon Moulder 1863 Frederick Francis More
Drunk / Assault Sergt Cross 16 Stratford upon Avon Prostitute 1863 Rosetta Harrison More
Threats Mrs Mary Ann Collier 37 Stratford upon Avon 1863 Thomas Collier More
Drunk Sergt Cross 66 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1863 William Fardon More
False Pretences Mr R Griffin & Mr J Horseman 32 Birmingham Hawker 1863 William Lilly More
Drunk Supt Richardson 20 Birmingham Hawker 1863 William Foster Hunt More
Damage Mr H Cranmer 26 Norwich Labourer 1863 William Jones More
Assault Robert Griffen 0 Stratford upon Avon Lodging House Keeper 1863 William Dunn More
Stealing Mrs C Callaway 50 Stratford upon Avon 1863 Elizabeth Parsons More
Stealing Mr Charles Cranmer 52 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1864 William Hodgkins More
Desertion The Stratford Board of Guardians 33 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1864 Mathew Timms More
Stealing Mr G Candler 48 Stratford upon Avon Hairdresser 1864 John Hopcroft More
Stealing James Sherlock 19 Stratford upon Avon 1865 Henry Cotterill More
Stealing James Sherlock 26 Stratford upon Avon Prostitute 1865 Ann Stanley More
False Pretences Mr Joseph Wright 32 Stratford upon Avon Cooper 1865 John Branson More
Neglect of Work Mr Henry Mills 34 Stratford upon Avon Tailor 1865 Francis Reece More
Stealing Mrs G Medcraft 40 Stratford upon Avon Straw Hat Maker 1865 Caroline Heeley More
Drunk PC Moule 40 Ireland Labourer 1865 Florence Driscoll More
Stealing John Hughes 18 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1865 Thomas Rose More
Desertion (Army) Sergt Cross, PC Moule 26 1865 John Landaff More
Drunk PC Moule 39 Ireland Labourer 1865 James Scott More
Drunk PC Clarke 30 London Wheelwright 1865 Thomas Adams More
Stealing Thomas Careless 61 Stratford upon Avon Labourer 1865 John Cowley More
Drunk PC Clarke 44 Tramp 1865 Thomas Murrell More
Drunk PC Moule 40 Birmingham Hawker 1865 Thomas Douglass More
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